About Parenting Multiples

In addition to psychotherapy, which requires ongoing and consistent contact with my patients, I also offer parenting consultation for parents of twins and other multiples. In this work, parents (or expectant parents) of multiples contact me with specific questions about their family lives. Parenting more than one child of the same age at the same time has unique challenges that are different from those facing parents of singletons or siblings of different ages.   I am available to help find solutions that work well within the culture and value system of your family and are also grounded in sound psychological thinking. I believe that the relationship that multiples have with one another and with their parents fundamentally changes who they are in the world. In these consultations I help parents understand this relationship and how best to foster it without sacrificing the individuality and uniqueness of each individual child Some of the challenges facing families with multiples include:

  • sleeping/feeding schedules of infantscm134
  • balancing the needs of other siblings
  • educational decisions
  • extra-familial relationships
  • separation/individuation within the twin unit

There are no questions too practical, nor none too complex for you to give me a call. Sometimes parents need an outside opinion, a sounding board, or just a well-rested third party to help with the complexities of family life with multiples. I will listen, come to understand your family and offer you my best advice. I enjoy this work because I believe that parenting is one of the most important jobs on the planet. If I have the opportunity to help parents be more successful in this job, not only will their family life will improve but so will the mental health of their children. Maybe this will mean fewer patients for me in the generation
to come, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take!

Here’s a link to a professional paper that I wrote about the psychology of twinship:

And here’s a link to an article about parenting twins that I wrote for Psychology Today online:  http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/meaningful-you/201409/the-psychology-parenting-twins

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